april 2024

  • 09

    April 9, 2024, Hold the Line K9 Conference

  • 15

    April 15, 2024, Singing in the Sun

  • 23

    April 23, 2024, Jubilee Conference

    April 9, 2024 To April 11, 2024

    The mission of the Hold The Line K9 Conference is to protect and serve the public and do so with honesty and integrity along with our fellow brothers and sisters in blue.

    For Police & Military K9 Handlers Onl

    April 23, 2024 To April 24, 2024

    Jubilee 2024
    The Jubilee conference is the culmination of what CCO ministry is all about. It is a gathering of thousands of college students learning how to worship God with their whole lives. There is no other conference like it in the United States.

    The students of Gen Z are coming of age during tumultuous times, yet everyday they are making decisions that will shape their lives. How will they be ready to be the leaders of tomorrow?

    College doesn’t have to be a time where students lose faith in Jesus Christ. It can be a time of incredible growth.

    At the CCO, we’ve been inviting and equipping the church to reach college students since 1971. We’ve witnessed decades of lifelong transformation as people like you have invested in each new generation—as people like you have invested in hope.

    Today’s college students are tomorrow’s leaders. And you can reach them today.