june 2022

    June 4, 2022 To June 5, 2022

    Grand Strand Juniors would like to invite you to participate in the Coastal Classic Volleyball Championships, an AAU Super-Regional held in beautiful Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The tournament will be held at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center and will provide 2 days of exciting volleyball, amazing beaches and great activities for traveling teams.

    Coastal Classic Info
    Grand Strand Juniors would like to invite you to participate in the Coastal Classic Volleyball Championships, an AAU Super-Regional held in beautiful Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The tournament will be held at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center and will provide 2 days of exciting volleyball, amazing beaches and great activities for traveling teams.

    Coastal Classic Volleyball Championships
    Myrtle Beach Convention Center
    Dates: June 5/6, 2021
    Entry: $450

    AAU Super Regional. Division winners receive free entry to AAU National Championships (All players must have AAU Membership)

    Registration Opens Oct. 1st

    The Coastal Classic is a great event to end your season or prepare for Nationals. This year’s event will feature Club and Power Divisions. Winners (Divisions of 12 teams or more) will receive free entry to AAU Nationals. All matches will be played at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center or Myrtle Beach Sports Center.

    www.coastalclassicvolleyball.com or call Alex Sing at 843-283-5320

    Team Check In
    Coastal Classic is an AAU Super Regional and all players and team staff on a roster are required to have AAU membership. At check in a Coach or team rep must present a team roster with AAU membership numbers for each player and staff to receive badges and wristbands.

    Team Check in will take place Friday night from 6-8pm, and Saturday from 7am – 1pm. Saturday you must check in at your playing location.
    ** You will need to bring warm-up balls.

    Spectator wristbands
    Wristbands are required at each of our playing facilities for entry into the court area. 2 Day Weekend passes are $20 and a daily pass is $10. Kids 12 and under are free. Wristbands must be attached to the person and presented at all times. Lost wristbands must be repurchased.

    Sale Hours:
    Friday Night 6 – 8PM
    All Day Saturday, Sunday, and Monday
    * To save yourself time bring exact change. Credit and debit cards take a bit longer. Friday nights are much less crowded. No checks.

    Merchandise Sales
    Events t-shirts and merchandise is available at each location. Every year we sell out so getting there early is important. Tournament Short sleeve is $20. We will also have various other items. Vendors will also be on hand.
    *A service fee is required for credit and debit card sales.

    Merchandise Sale Hours
    Friday Night 6 -8 PM
    All Day Saturday and Sunday till supplies are gone.

    Food Options
    No outside Food can be brought in to the facility in Myrtle Beach. The location will have concessions and food options on-site.

    Gym Hours / Team Schedules

    Myrtle Beach Convention Center (Courts 1-12)
    Myrtle Beach Sports Center (Courts 13-28)
    2115 Sports Way
    Myrtle Beach, SC 29577


    Courtside seating is available. No outside chairs are allowed. It is considerate for spectators to make room for the families of teams playing and to switch sides with the teams during a match. Please do not take up courtside seating when your team is not playing.

    Paid parking at Myrtle Beach Convention Center $5 day. Free at Pepper Geddings.

    No tolerance Policy
    Sportsmanship and fair play are the highest priority. We want our tournament to be competitive and demonstrate all the positive aspects of youth sports. There will be no tolerance for misconduct by players, coaches, or spectators. Cussing or loud negative comments directed at a player or official will be grounds for expulsion from the tournament. If you witness any misconduct please advise the court official or a tournament representative at the Championship desk. Positive Cheering and encouragement for your team is welcome.

    For any questions about Coastal Classic call Alex Sing 843-283-5320

    June 9, 2022 To June 11, 2022

    Providing continuing education training for firefighters is one of the core functions of the Association. Throughout the year, we host multiple events and provide training resources to our members.

    These events include the annual summer conference, Fire Rescue, Fire Service Improvement Conference in January, Legislative Day in March, and quarterly training events. We also host special training events statewide throughout the year to include the SCSFA Leadership Institute.

    Web-based training resources include SC Fire Training, Live Streaming, and social media posts from national and local training organizations and events. Click here to learn and explore the training and events resources

    “Serving Firefighters Since 1905”

    13 Jun

    June 13, 2022 To June 16, 2022

    Since 1993, Student Life has served churches through inter-denominational Christian summer camps, conferences, and resources. We strive to support your student ministry with Gospel-centered experiences that transform students into devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

    Student Life exists to help people know Christ through His Word. We believe God’s Word is relevant and instructive for the challenges students face today. Our camps inspire students through engaging worship, sound biblical teaching, and community-building in small group Bible studies.

    We believe discipleship best occurs within the context of the local church. Relationships formed at camp between students and their leaders serve as a catalyst to discipleship that continues long after camp ends. We would be honored to have the opportunity to partner with your group to make Jesus known in the lives of your students.

    SERVE. COMMUNITY. CONNECT. Want to serve in a meaningful way without losing the fun and discipleship that are part of Camp? That’s the goal of Mission Camp. We’ll arrange a mission project for your group and give you all the supplies you need to make an impact.

    WAVES. SAND. DOLPHINS* Beach Camp combines all the fun of the beach with the Biblical teaching, engaging worship, and relevant Bible study you expect at Student Life Camp. We give you extra free time so you can have a week unlike any other, connecting with your students and enjoying the beach…and maybe see some dolphins.
    *no representation is made that you will actually see dolphins while at Beach Camp.

    Beach Camp offers more of a conference experience where your group is free to plan and enjoy the beach and other activities in the area. You are in control of your own meals, transportation and lodging. Scheduled programming includes a morning and evening service and materials for Life Group Bible Study (a suggested daily schedule is available). Rec Camp is typically held on a college campus or conference center where the meals and lodging are provided. At Rec Camp, Student Life staff coordinates organized Recreation during the day, which Life Groups participate in together.

    Not at all! Student Life is an inter-denominational, evangelical ministry serving the local church. Feel free to contact us if you would like a list of church references.

    18 Jun

    June 18, 2022 To June 23, 2022

    WE ARE
    A dance convention & competition,
    but that’s just the beginning of
    our story.


    June 27, 2022 To July 2, 2022

    Showstopper American Dance Championships

    Showstopper American Dance Championships is a dance competition that hosts competitions in over 54 cities in the United States. The company was founded by Debbie Roberts.

    Founded in 1978, Showstopper is America‘s first, longest running and most prestigious dance competition. Showstopper set the standards for competitive dance in America with the first and longest aired dance competition television show, broadcasted on national television for 20 years.
    As a full production company, today Showstopper hosts over 50 events a year throughout the United States and internationally. Each competition is equipped with the industry‘s best stages, background screens, lighting, and cameras. In 2018 our stages saw over 50,000 dancers from all across the world.
    Each year Showstopper hosts 6 dance conventions at top vacation destinations throughout the United States. Dancers learn from the world‘s top dancers and choreographers, including winners of So You Think You Can Dance, Broadway superstars, and celebrity choreographers.
    Showstopper produces America‘s #1 Teen Dance Magazine. Showstopper Magazine can be found at every Showstopper event, in Barnes and Nobles locations nationwide. Each magazine features America‘s most talked about dancers and teen celebrities. Check out Showstopper Magazine Online! Looking ahead, we will continue celebrating every transformation of popular dance and seamlessly evolve along the way. We will forever be dedicated to what is unmistakably Showstopper: an unconditional love for movement in music, and an unbridled joy in elevating the performance of dance.
    Before 1978, dancers didn’t have a stage to perform on, the opportunity to learn from peers, or a competitive outlet like most sports. Debbie Roberts recognized this missing piece in the dance community and that is how America’s first and longest-running dance competition, Showstopper, was born. Debbie taught dance for over 26 years and owned and operated her own dance studio for 20 years. She is now the owner and National Director of Showstopper, alongside her husband, Dave Roberts. Dancer, teacher, business owner, author, and mother, Debbie has made dance her life’s career.
    Debbie got the idea to host the nation’s first dance competition from watching her son, Adam, play competitive sports for years. Seeing the excitement he got for a big game inspired her to create the same for dancers. With the name suggestion from her dancing, 8-year-old daughter Angel, Debbie took her savings and booked four competitions for Showstopper’s first year. She wrote letters and knocked on the doors of local dance studios. Despite many doors slammed in her face, Debbie did not give up. Eventually, she recruited about 400 people to attend her first show. By the fourth show of that year, people were asking her how they could participate in Showstopper’s competitions. In no time, local televisions and newspapers were filled with pictures of children leaping across the Showstopper stage.
    Debbie’s impact on the dance community continued. In 1984, Debbie graced the cover of Dance Teacher Magazine. In 1986, she topped Glamour Magazine’s list of Outstanding Young Working Women. In 1992, Debbie published her first of three dance-related books. Her first book, The Super Studio: The Guide to a Successful Dance Studio, earned major credit at many colleges throughout the United States.