march 2022

  • 05

    March 5, 2022, SCAMLE 2022

  • 13

    March 13, 2022, SC Environmental Conference

  • 24

    March 24, 2022, Battle at the Beach

  • 30

    March 30, 2022, SE Region

    March 24, 2022 To March 27, 2022

    Our goal at Spirit Sports is to produce the TOTAL experience in cheerleading and dance competitions at a price that is affordable to everyone. Our outstanding production has set a benchmark in the competitive cheer industry and helps enhance a team’s performance. There are giveaways, dance parties, parents dance-offs, sing-alongs and more importantly, each team is recognized for their outstanding effort.

    As a spectator, our events are developed to ensure an on-time event schedule, so you can enjoy the great destination location of our championship. We also offer a large priority seating section for family, friends and fans to cheer on their favorite team.

    Our fans love us, and we hope you will too!