may 2022

    May 6, 2022 To May 8, 2022

    Showstopper American Dance Championships
    Showstopper American Dance Championships is a dance competition that hosts competitions in over 54 cities in the United States. The company was founded by Debbie Roberts.
    Founded in 1978, Showstopper is America‘s first, longest running and most prestigious dance competition. Showstopper set the standards for competitive dance in America with the first and longest aired dance competition television show, broadcasted on national television for 20 years.
    As a full production company, today Showstopper hosts over 50 events a year throughout the United States and internationally. Each competition is equipped with the industry‘s best stages, background screens, lighting, and cameras. In 2018 our stages saw over 50,000 dancers from all across the world.
    Each year Showstopper hosts 6 dance conventions at top vacation destinations throughout the United States. Dancers learn from the world‘s top dancers and choreographers, including winners of So You Think You Can Dance, Broadway superstars, and celebrity choreographers.
    Showstopper produces America‘s #1 Teen Dance Magazine. Showstopper Magazine can be found at every Showstopper event, in Barnes and Nobles locations nationwide. Each magazine features America‘s most talked about dancers and teen celebrities. Check out Showstopper Magazine Online! Looking ahead, we will continue celebrating every transformation of popular dance and seamlessly evolve along the way. We will forever be dedicated to what is unmistakably Showstopper: an unconditional love for movement in music, and an unbridled joy in elevating the performance of dance.
    Before 1978, dancers didn’t have a stage to perform on, the opportunity to learn from peers, or a competitive outlet like most sports. Debbie Roberts recognized this missing piece in the dance community and that is how America’s first and longest-running dance competition, Showstopper, was born. Debbie taught dance for over 26 years and owned and operated her own dance studio for 20 years. She is now the owner and National Director of Showstopper, alongside her husband, Dave Roberts. Dancer, teacher, business owner, author, and mother, Debbie has made dance her life’s career.
    Debbie got the idea to host the nation’s first dance competition from watching her son, Adam, play competitive sports for years. Seeing the excitement he got for a big game inspired her to create the same for dancers. With the name suggestion from her dancing, 8-year-old daughter Angel, Debbie took her savings and booked four competitions for Showstopper’s first year. She wrote letters and knocked on the doors of local dance studios. Despite many doors slammed in her face, Debbie did not give up. Eventually, she recruited about 400 people to attend her first show. By the fourth show of that year, people were asking her how they could participate in Showstopper’s competitions. In no time, local televisions and newspapers were filled with pictures of children leaping across the Showstopper stage.
    Debbie’s impact on the dance community continued. In 1984, Debbie graced the cover of Dance Teacher Magazine. In 1986, she topped Glamour Magazine’s list of Outstanding Young Working Women. In 1992, Debbie published her first of three dance-related books. Her first book, The Super Studio: The Guide to a Successful Dance Studio, earned major credit at many colleges throughout the United States.

    May 20, 2022 To May 22, 2022

    4 SEVEN Dance Convention is a dance workshop and competition that tours to 24 cities in the United States each season. A typical convention weekend lasts from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon and features dance classes with some of the world’s leading dance educators.

    “We show up to each city ready to share the love of dance.”

    Jaci Royal

    DAY 01
    Welcome to 24 Seven! We hope you are ready for some Non-Stop Dancing! We kick off the weekend with our solo competition where dancers of all ages will take the stage to perform in front of our judges. Friday wraps up with some optional master classes led by our world-renowned faculty!

    DAY 02 | 8:00am-2:00pm
    Rise & Shine, it’s time for competition! On Saturday morning, we hold our group competition. Invite your friends and family to come watch OR tell them to watch you on our free live webcast!

    DAY 02 | 12:30-3:00pm
    Join us in the main ballroom for Faculty introductions and a fun, high-energy warm-up! We encourage everybody to get up out of their seats & dance with us!

    DAY 02 | 3:00-9:00pm
    Classes are officially underway! We are so excited to feature educational & innovative classes led by our amazing faculty. Classes in Jazz, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Ballet, Tap and more! We take pride in providing a fun learning environment where ALL students are welcomed! Let’s dance!

    DAY 03 | 8:00am-2:45pm
    Sunday already?! Classes resume Sunday morning with more opportunities to learn from our faculty!

    DAY 03 | 3:00-4:30pm
    Before we say goodbye, join us in the main ballroom for an exciting closing show! The closing show is packed with highlights from competition, scholarship presentations, faculty performances & much more. We can’t thank you enough for joining us this weekend and hope to see you again soon!

    May 24, 2022 To May 25, 2022

    Decorating Den Interiors brings over a half century of residential design experience to our clients. With creative designers throughout the United States and Canada, we can do an entire home or one room at a time. Your unparalleled experience working with Decorating Den Interiors will include matching your personal design style with the perfect product to create a look you only dreamed you could have.

    August 20, 2022 To August 21, 2022

    Our vendors are of Chicago’s finest and classy breeders! You might see some cool reptiles like high end crested geckos, bearded dragons, ball pythons and so much more! Come to the Show to Check It Out!