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    September 4, 2021 To September 5, 2021

    Pin Cancer™ seeks to become how every level of the wrestling community can fight cancer and raise awareness, together.
    To give wrestlers of all ages and avenue to inspire awareness and raise funds for cancer care and research.

    Pin Cancer™ was founded in 2011 by a former wrestler Dan Tramontozzi after finding out his mother (Margie Tramontozzi) was diagnosed with Stage 3C Ovarian Cancer.
    What started out as a small grassroots campaign in Northern, NJ quickly turned into a nationally recognized organization.
    Since inception, Pin Cancer™ has united 25,000+ supporters and has raised more than $2 million in donations.

    Pin Cancer™ gives wrestlers two ways to get involved throughout each year.
    The first one is our Wrestle for a Cure™ Campaign. This is a season long fundraiser where wrestlers create their own fundraising page online, and collect donations throughout the wrestling season. Teams also have the ability to create team pages, as well as host an event to promote their fundraiser. This campaign is launched each October, and ends in March. Wrestlers are also rewarded with PC gear based on the amount they raise through the season.
    The second way to get involved is to sign up and compete at the Pin Cancer Nationals™. Here, wrestlers sign up and then claim a fundraising page. As they start raising donations and hit milestones in their fundraising before the tournament, they earn some awesome gear from our partner TERRA GRAPPL’R, including exclusive wrestling shoes.

    About Pin Cancer

    Location: Myrtle Beach Convention Center
    Dates & Times:
    Friday, 9/3
    Early weigh-ins for nationals = 2-3pm
    Normal weigh-ins nationals = 6-8pm
    Saturday, 9/4
    National tournament = 9am start
    Early team dual weigh-ins = 2-3pm
    Normal team dual weigh-ins = 6-8pm
    Sunday, 9/5
    National Team duals = 8am start
    Style: Folk / Scholastic
    Tournament Registration
    $65 per wrestler
    Team Dual Registration
    $945 per team
    Fundraising: After you register, a fundraising page will automatically be created for each wrestler. Raise donations before the tournament and earn exclusive wrestling gear for each milestones you hit! SEE BELOW!
    Admission: $25 single day / $40 two day pass
    Coaches pass: $40 single day / $65 two day pass
    Awards = Wrestlers who fundraise before the tournament will earn wrestling gear for hitting fundraising milestones. Top 3 finishers in each weight class receive medals.
    Food: On site
    Vendors: TBA

    General Info:

    Fundraising Info:

    Pin Cancer Ambassadors
    some of the toughest wrestlers in the world back the cause…

    * Having lost my father to cancer, and my mother being a survivor, I certainly have an emotional interest in generating funds for cancer research. What better avenue for me to support this important cause than wrestling’s Pin Cancer?
    Kendall Cross
    Olympic Gold Medalist, USA Wrestling Hall of Fame

    * I’ve had the opportunity to coach at a Pin Cancer Camp and it was a great experience. Dan was really organized and it felt great to help out.
    Frank Molinaro
    NCAA Champion, 2016 Olympian

    * I support Pin Cancer because my grandmother had breast cancer and beat it. She was the woman who funded a lot of my wrestling expenses through out the years and helped me get to where I am today.
    Dennis Bermudez
    D1 Wrestler, Former UFC Fighter

    * As wrestlers, we struggle through everyday battles to be the best. Those with cancer battle everyday to stay alive. Supporting Pin Cancer lets you fight with them, a battle that affects nearly all families.
    Brent Metcalf
    2x NCAA Champion

    * I have joined the Pin Cancer team because I see the work they are doing to fight this disease. I have seen it take people close to me which is why I am wanting to be more involved in the great cause!
    Coleman Scott
    NCAA Champion, Olympic Bronze Medalist

    * Pin Cancer is such a great cause. They do a great job helping to fight this monster. I’m glad to be an ambassador and help to Pin Cancer
    Kerry McCoy
    2x NCAA Champion, 2x Olympian

    * Supporting Pin Cancer is important in our mutual goals to help eradicate cancer in all forms through research and treatments. I hope you join me and my fellow ambassadors as we support Pin Cancer and their efforts.
    Scott Casber
    USA Wrestling Host/Personality

    * I Choose to support Pin Cancer because I have had close family members and friends who have lost the battle and are still fighting the battle against cancer.
    Tony Ramos
    NCAA Champion

    * I’ve had family and friends have their lives changed by cancer. If I could do anything to spread awareness or give support to people who need it, count me in!
    Zack Rey
    NCAA Champion

    * Cancer has changed the lives of so many of my friends and family. I am honored to be an ambassador for Pin Cancer and help promote its mission anyway I can.
    Dave Zabriski
    NCAA Champion

    10 Sep

    September 10, 2021 To September 11, 2021

    If you’ve never been, Mustang Week is like anything you’ve ever attended. It’s an annual pilgrimage that brings us all together in one place to celebrate the iconic Ford Mustang. Those who make the yearly trek to Myrtle Beach understand there is no feeling like when you first pull out of your driveway, marking the beginning of the week-long adventure. It is the excitement you feel when you cross the South Carolina state line or first see the Atlantic Ocean upon arrival. But for you newcomers, nothing can prepare you for the wave of emotion the first time you see and hear a group of Mustang Week participants pass you on Myrtle Beach’s streets! No other event brings you this exciting experience for an entire week! For you regulars, the excitement is already building as you prepare for that yearly crusade to “the Grand Strand!” Once there, you realize that each day’s event is unique, having its own feeling and attitude. As the week draws to an end, the wave of emotions comes over you again and leaves you wishing it would not end.

    Every year, in Myrtle Beach, S.C., Mustang owners have the chance to take the road trip of a lifetime to the country’s premier celebration of the cars we love. Folks all over the country are making their plans and getting their Mustang or SVT ready for the Annual Mustang Week. The only question left to ask is… are you ready!

    September 12, 2021 To September 15, 2021

    The Southeast Governmental Fleet Managers Association has been serving professional fleet managers since 1993. This organization has grown to over 950 members which include fleet and public works managers, supervisors, purchasing and support personnel. Our members represent cities, counties, state, public service and school districts, colleges and universities. In 2005 we realized there was a need for the expansion of this organization to include, not only South Carolina, but the entire Southeast.

    Our goals are to provide training sessions and networking opportunities to our members during the year. In addition, our annual meeting attracts over one hundred exhibitors who offer products and services directly related to your fleet’s operations and technical sessions which address both management and repair related issues.

    September 17, 2021 To September 19, 2021

    The Home Improvement & Outdoor Living Show is your source for everything you need for your home – inside and out.

    This is the place for you to come and talk to the best on the building industry. If you want to build a new home or remodel your existing home, you’ll find builders and remodelers with years of experience and knowledge to make your dream home a reality.

    If you need a new roof, HVAC system, countertops, window and doors. These professionals are here, too.

    Do you want to turn your yard into an outdoor living space? You’ll Also find landscape designers, landscapers, pools, spas, sunrooms, outdoor kitchens and much more.

    Plus, Special Events and Features:
    • Seminars and Workshops Culinary Demonstration and Food Tastings

    • Specialty Market Place featuring gourmet foods and everyday essentials to please your palate.

    • Waccamaw Arts & Crafts Guild exhibit featuring local artists

    • Kind Keepers rescue with dogs and cats looking for forever homes

    The Home Improvement and Outdoor Living Show has something for everyone…

    September 29, 2021 To September 30, 2021

    Brief History of Wyatt-Quarles Seed Company
    The origin of Wyatt-Quarles Seed Company dates back to 1881 when Job P. Wyatt and Philip Taylor organized a general merchandise business on East Martin Street in Raleigh. At first the company sold groceries, hardware, seeds and general merchandise. Later, groceries were dropped and the company began to wholesale hardware, farm machinery and seeds with William L. Wyatt as the first salesman. W. G. Quarles, who came to the company from Alabama in 1931, was appointed manager of the seed department in October of 1932.

    Under Quarles, the seed department enjoyed a steady growth. In 1955, the decision was made to “spin off” a seed company from the parent organization, and Wyatt-Quarles Seed Company was chartered on the last day of the year with Quarles as President and Edgar M. Wyatt as Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Wyatt had been in the hardware department since 1938.

    Operation of the new company began January 2, 1956, with a wholesale and retail operation being conducted at 327-331 S. Wilmington St. W-Q made plans for a new building which would eliminate loading problems and provide a warehouse on one level. 15¼ acres on U. S. 70 in Garner were purchased and construction of the present warehouse was begun in the spring of 1965. The new building was dedicated December 10, 1965. The retail garden center remained at 331 S. Wilmington St.

    Quarles entered semi-retirement and Edgar M. Wyatt assumed presidency of the company January 1, 1976. Chuck Wyatt took over Quarles’ duties in January of 1980.Approximately 50 persons are employed on a full-time basis. A board of directors, representing various fields of business, meet quarterly and guide the policy of the company. Ownership of stock is divided among 40 individuals. An annual stockholders meeting is held in February.
    During 1981, Wyatt-Quarles and Job P. Wyatt & Sons Company jointly celebrated the 100th anniversary of the founding of the company. A 108-page history of the business was distributed to employees, customers and other interested parties. On December 31, 1986, Edgar M. Wyatt retired as President and Chairman of the Board and Chuck Wyatt assumed those responsibilities on January 1, 1987.

    An 18,000 square foot addition to the Garner warehouse was finished in early 1987, including renovation and enlargement of the office area. On June 30, 1988, the retail operation in downtown Raleigh was closed. All retail employees were brought to the main warehouse and put in new positions of responsibility.

    In 1993 W-Q joined Garden Master, a merchandising and purchasing group consisting of wholesalers like ourselves throughout the U. S. An expanded office area and a new board/meeting room was completed in March of 2000. Additional employee parking and truck and trailer parking was completed at this time also. Over the years, our employees have provided the skills, talent, and energy necessary to ensure our steady growth and we are proud of this heritage.