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Susan Skellett

Susan Skellett

Convention Services Manager

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The dynamic Susan Skellett has worked for the Convention Center for almost 13 years in helping planners coordinate their events.   As Events Manager, she is responsible for the assignment of leased space, serves as a liaison between the convention center and hotel management, and manages our Convention Services Department.  As a member of ACOM, she is continuously trained on how to use her leadership and communication skills to manage coordination staff and interns, serve as a liaison to the Sheraton staff, and effective ways to implement new event coordination strategies.


Looking for a “Thank You Gift” for Susan? Give her any of the Rachel Rays “5 Minute Meal” books. Needless to say, she is a fabulous cook and taster of foods. When not coordinating, Susan enjoys watching football, the beach, poolside fun, and watching movies with her fabulous 4 year old son Maxwell. Susan is extremely health conscious on eating fresh foods, so much so Maxwell has never eaten a fish stick!

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