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Policies and Info


To maintain a clean, organized facility, the Myrtle Beach Convention Center (MBCC) requests that you abide by the following house rules:

• ANIMALS: Animals are prohibited unless they are part of an attraction or provide assistance to disabled persons, and then only when the animal is properly leashed and sanitary safeguards are observed.
• DECORATING AND SIGNS: For easier access and in compliance with fire regulations, nothing shall be placed on top of electrical boxes in the exhibition halls. All decorations within the area of the ballrooms and meeting rooms must be freestanding and cannot be hung from the ceiling or attached to walls. The only adhesive materials permitted to be used on the walls or doors inside the Convention Center are painter’s tape, tacky, or magnets. The use of tape or any adhesive décor on the Prefunction areas, Hall of Fame area, Exhibit Halls or on any carpet within the Convention Center is strictly prohibited unless specifically designed for that purpose and has been approved by the Event Coordinator. The Event Coordinator should also be contacted if any potential safety hazard exists which would require the use of tape. The tape used within the interior of the facility should not leave an adhesive residue on the applied surface. Any remaining adhesive residue is the decorator’s or show management’s responsibility to clean. A cleaning fee will be assessed if necessary.
• ELECTRICAL REQUIREMENTS: To purchase electrical services, visit our website at Please note, to avoid higher charges, your order must be placed at least Ten (10) days before the License start date. Questions regarding electrical requirements? Please contact our Facility Engineer.
• TELECOMMUNICATIONS AND INTERNET: To purchase telecommunications and internet services, visit our website at Please note, to avoid higher charges, your order must be placed at least Ten (10) days before the License start date. Questions regarding telecommunications and internet requirements? Please contact our Facility Engineer.

Zeke Fowler, Facility Engineer
(843) 918-1258 OR (843) 918-1251

• EXIT DOORS: Please do not block any doors marked with an overhead exit sign. All exits must be clearly marked on show diagram/layout/prospectus and must be approved by the Fire Marshal.
• FOOD AND BEVERAGE: Convention Center food and beverage service is contracted and provided exclusively by a single service provider with offices located on-site.
• Alcoholic Beverages - All arrangements for alcoholic beverages served and/or consumed on Convention Center property must be made through the Convention Center’s exclusive food and beverage provider. Any alcoholic beverages brought into the facility will be confiscated.
• Concession Stands - The Convention Center prohibits commercially prepared food and beverage products in the building. Custom exhibitor meals can be ordered in advance from the Convention Center concessionaire if advance arrangements are made with the Exhibit Manager.
For these meal orders, please contact our Concessions Manager.

Chris Lindstrom, Concessions Manager
(843) 918-1238

• Delivery of Food - The ordering and delivery of prepared “take out” foods from any source is prohibited.
• Distribution of Food or Beverage Products - Exhibitors may not sell or give away food or beverage products in any form unless the event falls under the Food Service Tradeshow exemption or has been given permission by the Event Coordinator.
• Inspection - Any bulk storage container is subject to inspection by Convention Services, and the introduction of any restricted food or beverage products is prohibited.
• Restricted Diets - The caterer will accommodate any restricted diet with advance notice.
• Utilizing Break Areas - Show Management is encouraged to allow suitable space for break areas within the space rented for the show. When a break area is provided, exhibitors and attendees are encouraged to take meal breaks in this designated area.
• FREIGHT DELIVERIES: The acceptance of freight for decorators or exhibitors by Convention Center personnel is prohibited. Decorators/exhibitors should ensure that delivery of freight is scheduled when their representatives are on-site at the Convention Center. Arrangements should be made with local storage companies in the event decorator/exhibitor shipments arrive prior to scheduled move-in dates.
• HAZARDS: Report any spill or hazards to the Show Manager or Facility Personnel as soon as possible.
• JANITORIAL SERVICES: Public areas are cleaned daily at no charge.
• LOADING DOCK: DOCK SPACES WILL BE ASSIGNED TO THE LESSEE AND OR THEIR DECORATOR FOR USE DURING MOVING IN AND OUT OF EVENTS. TYPICALLY, THREE SPACES WILL BE ASSIGNED FOR EACH THIRD OF THE EXHIBIT HALL LEASED. Ultimate control of loading dock belongs to the Myrtle Beach Convention Center (MBCC). There should be a 10-foot clear walkway on the loading dock at all times.
• MARQUEE: Shared space is available on the Convention Center’s marquee at no charge for events.
• MOVE-IN/MOVE-OUT: Decorator and exhibitor move-in is accomplished at the rear of the building and loading dock areas only. Decorator/exhibitor personnel who require access for move-in or move-out through the front of the building must secure the permission of the Event Coordinator. Convention Services personnel may be required to facilitate these requests, which makes Show Management responsible for payment of this personnel.
• NO SMOKING POLICY: Smoking or vaping is only permitted in designated areas outside of the facility.
• PLANTS, FURNITURE, OTHER ASSETS: The moving of plants, furniture, or other permanent type fixtures within the Convention Center is strictly prohibited.
• OUTSIDE SOLICITORS: Unauthorized solicitation is strictly prohibited at the Convention Center.
• STORAGE OF EQUIPMENT: Storage of materials, supplies, and other decorator equipment must be left on trailers or other private conveyances. In compliance with existing city fire regulations, the 20-foot perimeter of the exhibit halls should be free of decorator/exhibitor equipment.
• STORAGE OF EXHIBITOR/VENDOR CRATES AND PROPERTY: The Event Coordinator will provide assistance as to the proper storage points for exhibitor/vendor products and empty crates/ boxes. In compliance with the existing city fire regulations, bone yards are strictly prohibited. Approved storage area for exhibitor/vendor property is located at the rear of the exhibit hall outside near the designated loading dock. This area must be maintained in a manner not to block any fire access or normal movement of personnel, material handling, or equipment during Convention Center operation hours. The Convention Center assumes no responsibility or liability for items stored on the loading dock. Please store overflow crates, etc. in empty freight trailers.
• TRAILERS: No trailers will be allowed to remain at the Convention Center loading docks during convention hours.
• ELECTRIC AND INTERNET: To purchase electric and internet services, visit our website at https:// Please note, to avoid higher charges, your order must be placed at least Ten (10) days before the License start date. Questions regarding telecommunications and internet requirements, please contact our Facility Engineer.

Zeke Fowler, Facility Engineer
(843) 918-1258 OR (843) 918-1251

• TRASH/WASTE: It is the responsibility of the decorator to remove trash or debris that is generated by the show such as booth signs, plastic table covers, exhibit hall tape, pallets, etc. prior to the close of the show and during the decorator breakdown and move-out. Convention Center rolling trash bins are readily available to decorator personnel at no charge provided they are emptied as they are filled. Non-recyclable waste should be taken to the compactor on the loading dock. The licensee is responsible for the cost of renting any dumpsters needed for trash exceeding the capacity of the Convention Center standard operations. If trash and debris are not properly disposed of in accordance with Convention Center policy and City and County ordinances, any fines and/or extra labor charges incurred by the Convention Center will be the responsibility of promoter and/or decorator.
• USE OF CONVENTION CENTER EQUIPMENT: A Banquet Event Order (BEO) must be confirmed by signature, ten (10) days prior to the decorator’s arrival to ensure the equipment required is available for rental. The decorator is responsible for breaking down and returning rented equipment to the original point of pick-up; if not an additional charge for a Convention Center personnel to perform the equipment breakdown will be assessed against the decorator. Hand tools and ladders are not available for use from the Convention Center.

These rules and regulations will be enforced to show management, service contractors, and exhibitors. Should you have any questions or facility related concerns, a Convention Center management representative is available for assistance. ALL POLICIES, RULES, AND REGULATIONS NOT EXPRESSLY PROVIDED FOR HEREIN, SHALL BE DECIDED UPON BY THE CONVENTION CENTER’S GENERAL MANAGER.

Brian Monroe, General Manager
(843) 918-1230

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