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Myrtle Beach Convention Center (MBCC) FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How much are the tickets?

Answer: Ticket cost will vary. Each show promoter or event organizer sets their own ticket price or admission costs. For accurate ticket or admission cost information, please visit the website or Facebook page of the event or show you plan on attending. A phone number is often present, allowing for calls to answer questions and to obtain more information on the event’s/show’s website.

Question: What time do the doors open?

Answer: For the convenience of guests, the Myrtle Beach Convention Center (MBCC) unlocks the facility’s doors between 6 am to 7 am. However, show promoters and event producers set show hours and when doors are to be opened. Doors remain locked for events in the exhibit halls, ballrooms, or meeting room space per the direction of the event organizer and show producer. To find out what time doors open, please visit the website of the event or show you are attending.

Question: Can we bring in food and drinks?

Answer: No, you cannot bring in food and drinks. The Myrtle Beach Convention Center (MBCC) does not allow outside food and beverage, however, there are several food venues throughout the facility.
• Concession stands are in each exhibit hall, offering a variety of menu options for breakfast, lunch/dinner, and snacks.
• Oftentimes, specialty carts or food trucks are on-site.
• Vidalia’s located on the second floor of the Sheraton Myrtle Beach Hotel offers home-style dishes in a casual atmosphere.
• Coffee & Cream, located on the second floor of the Sheraton Myrtle Beach Hotel, the menu showcases Starbucks® coffee and drinks and grab-and-go snacks.
• M Bar, the hotel’s vibrant bar and lounge is open for cocktails and light bites.

Question: Do you have wheelchairs available?

Answer: Yes, the Myrtle Beach Convention Center (MBCC) has a limited number of wheelchairs for use at no cost on a first-come, first-served basis. Upon arrival please see the show promoter or event organizer; they will handle the logistics of securing the wheelchair.

Question: Can I bring in a seat cushion and a blanket?

Answer: Seat cushions are allowed. The majority of the chairs throughout the facility are cushioned, however, if you feel you need additional padding, please bring your seat cushion. Blankets if used for sitting are only allowed outside on the Events Plaza.

Question: What is the phone number to the box office?

Answer: Please remember the box/ticket office is only manned when a show organizer or event producer requests to use it, which is typically the day/s of the event. Before attending the Myrtle Beach Convention Center (MBCC), please visit the event’s or show’s website to obtain a phone number. During the event or show, please dial 843-918-1225. You will reach the Myrtle Beach Convention Center (MBCC)’s receptionist and if there is a box/ticket office number, it will be provided to you.

Question: What time does the box office open?

Answer: The box office hours vary depending on the event, show, or group. The Myrtle Beach Convention Center (MBCC) does not set the hours of operation for the box office, however, the show promoters and event producers establish the hours. To confirm the what time, the box office opens please visit the event’s or show’s website. During the event or show, please dial 843-918-1225. You will reach the Myrtle Beach Convention Center (MBCC)’s receptionist, and we will provide you with the box/ticket office hours.

Question: Is there special seating for people in wheelchairs?

Answer: Yes, there is seating and parking for special needs. In the exhibit halls, handicap spacing is available for guests.

Question: If I get to the show early can we go in early?

Answer: If you arrive at a show or event early, for convenience the Myrtle Beach Convention Center (MBCC) facility’s doors are unlocked. However, the doors to an event or show will not be opened until the published show hours.

Question: Do we have to wear masks and practice social distancing?

Answer: To confirm an event/show policy on masks and physical distancing please call the event producer or show organizer. Also, this information may be found on their website. Our convention center is listening carefully to ongoing guidance and updates from city, state, and federal agencies. The CDC continues to encourage event staff and attendees to wear well-fitting masks that fit completely over the nose and mouth. As it relates to social distancing, the CDC reminds attendees to stay at least 6 feet away from people who don’t live with them. As we move through the pandemic guidelines will change.
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