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Policies and Info

Myrtle Beach Convention Center (MBCC)

Myrtle Beach Convention Center (MBCC) facilities are equipped with sophisticated electronic fire detection and alarm systems which are designed to notify our Fire Command Center of the location of any incident that triggers a detector or activates the sprinkler system. Once an alarm has been initiated, evacuation is automatic and will be communicated throughout the facility.

In the event of a fire, our facilities are equipped with state of the art fire suppression systems to control and extinguish fires of major consequence. In addition, portable fire extinguishers have been strategically placed throughout the property to allow for extinguishing fires in their incipient stage, before they endanger our patrons and employees.

Emergencies that may warrant evacuation of the Convention Center may include uncontrolled or uncontained fire, explosion, toxic chemical release, aviation incident or earthquake. Emergency conditions will be confirmed by the center’s Convention Services and communicated to the Convention Center and Show Management Personnel. Throughout the process, Convention Services will be responsible for communication and coordination with local municipal emergency response entities such as the City of Myrtle Beach Fire and Police Departments and the Horry County Fire Department.


When the alarm system is activated, horns will sound, flashers will be visible throughout the area, and a series of emergency announcements will be played over the public address system. As indicated above, evacuation is automatic.

    Emergency Announcement (female voice)

    When the alarm is first activated, the following announcement is played: “May I have your attention please: An emergency has been reported in the building, please exit the nearest emergency exit. Do not use elevators.”


Emergency exits throughout the Convention Center are clearly marked with illuminated signs that are supported by the emergency power system and continue to function even during periods of a power outage.

    From the Exhibit Hall, Ballroom and Meeting Rooms

    Guests will be directed to exit via the foyer areas to the sidewalk nearest 21st Avenue North. Additional exits are located at the rear of the exhibit halls, which allows access to the loading dock, where guests are to proceed to the adjacent parking lot.


In the event of an evacuation, guests will be ushered to the designated primary and secondary assembly areas:
1. The outdoor entrance area to the South Carolina Hall of Fame
2. The Convention Center Special Events Plaza
3. The parking area adjacent to the Exhibit Hall Loading Docks


• Remain calm and proceed in an orderly manner
• Leave the facility through the nearest exit as instructed
• Do not take time to retrieve personal property
• Do not attempt to use elevators or escalators
• Assist elderly and disabled persons
• Listen for instructions via the public address system
• Proceed directly to the designated assembly area
• Do not try to re-enter the building until an “all clear” message is given


For additional information about the Myrtle Beach Convention Center (MBCC) emergency procedures, please contact:
Frankie Sluss, Events Manager
(843) 918-1239

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